Friday, November 7, 2008

Ben Is 9 & Mark's Blessing

Can you believe Ben is 9? We had a little (this is relatively speaking with my family-25 people) family party at our house on Sunday after Mark's blessing. We had a nice brunch outside on the deck since it was beautiful weather. I only gave Ben 2 shirts for his birthday since I know he hates getting clothes for gifts. He did get a cool "Mad Science" (an after school program) registration for the whole month of November and December. They are focusing on space - which Ben loves!

This is Mark's blessing outfit. In the bottom picture doesn't he look like he is impersonating the bad guy from the Austin Power's movies? I don't know his name - I never saw the movies but Mike Meyers plays him as well as Austin Powers.


emma jo said...

Adorable! And I am glad you went with a classy white and not a little silky tuxedo. So so cute. Ben is 9? whoa.

Cindy said...

What a handsome little guy he is!! And what a cute outfit! He's gettin' big -- those chubby cheeks are adorable!!