Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I am thankful Thanksgiving is over! No, really I am thankful I have a big enough house to host Thanksgiving for all of my family all 20 of them. That does not include the ones that were not able to make it. I had fun making cute decorations for the table. I printed off everybody's name and delegated Abby to stamp a leaf over it and then cut it out. We then used earrings from Micheal's (the one's where you can make your own jewelry) to make name tags for the goblets. I made circle cut outs that said, "We are thankful for you" and tied them with raffia around the "thanksgiving colored napkins".

Abby made the cutest place cards with people's names on them. She even put a ring on Ali's (my future sister-in-law).
Emma made darling programs. She got her artistic ability from me. The programs say - Hello, Appetizer, Prayer, Dinner, Clean-up, Games, Good-bye (with a sad face).

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Brett & Amy said...

Good job hosting -you get extra props for doing it with a new baby. Emma's programs made me laugh.