Thursday, February 19, 2009

Personalities !?

As I watched my two oldest children go out to the bus stop this morning, I was struck at how different they are. I love them both so much for what they are and what they bring to our family.

Abby calmly walked out to the end of our driveway with her cute messenger bag slung across her shoulders. I knew each of her binders was organized to the hilt with each paper placed where it belonged in each color coded divided area.

I then saw Ben running haphazardly out to the bus (which was waiting for him) all the while putting on his gloves and hat. He was running with his back pack unzipped, I could see crumpled papers shoved into his binder and backpack.

The funny thing is they both make straight A's!


emma jo said...

Oh I love it. What sweet kids you have. My sister and I were laughing all this week at our kids. They are the same age and where her son is straight laced, clean and always tidy, Mia is crazy-haired, dirty and disheveled. Your kids are definitely adorable.

Brett and Amy said...

Opposites are the best. It helps you appreciate their uniqueness. I could totally picture both of them. Too funny.