Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our Trip to Utah....Back in June!!!!

I know, I know....where have I been? I have been trying to keep my head above water. It doesn't seem to be working though. Any suggestions?

We had a great time visiting Mike's family and we also got to see my brother's family (Michael) and his new baby boy - Landon. Wow! I can't believe they have three kids now. Michael is going to the Y and is living in the married housing there at Wymount. We told somebody that, when we got back to VA and they said they called those apartments the "bunny hutches".

We got to take a tour of the LDS studios - where they film lots of stuff.....Mike's cousin works there and gave us an awesome tour. Here is a picture of Mike and Mark taking really good care of the costumes.

Of course we had to go to Cafe Rio!

We went down to St. George with all of Mike's family. Mike and I love St. George. This was the second time we have been, and we loved it even more. This is us at Snow Canyon.

This is Ben after he did a "Michael Phelps" butterfly (without goggles) into the corner of the hot tub in the pool. The funny thing about this is that Mike and I were already at the "instacare" place getting Mark's ears looked at when Mike's sister (Kym) called telling us Ben needed stitches. Mike wanted him to get the stitches done there and I wanted him to get them done in the ER at the hospital in the same parking lot - with a plastic surgeon because it was on his face. When Mike saw the gaping hole between his eyes he agreed that Ben needed a plastic surgeon. The doctor said he could see the bone. Ben has been to the plastic surgeon three times in his life now.

We had a chance to stop at Cedar Breaks on the way home. It was gorgeous and cold.

We also hiked up the Y at BYU. WOW!!!! that is a steep climb. It was a beautiful view once you got up to the top.


Cindy said...

WOW!! Looks like you guys had tons 'o fun!! I can't believe how big Mark has gotten! He's a cutie! And you're lookin' great, girl!! Love ya!

Sara said...

Cafe Rio, mmmm! Isn't Utah great? And what's a vacation without a trip to the ER? So, how often do you come to Utah? I'll forgive you for not putting me on your list of visits I guess. :) Maybe next time. We do have a neighborhood short cut to the Adams Canyon hike though. It leads to a 30 ft waterfall if you'd like to take it next time. You are always welcome. You look really good by the way. And that baby is so cute and getting so big. Where does time go?