Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Emma turned 8! Ben has had 27 stitches this summer! and Mark started walking!

My baby girl turned 8 at the end of the July. She wanted a fun "glamor" party. So we invited a bunch of girls and played pass the cell phone ( a version of musical chairs), dress-up relay tag, guess what glamor tool is wrapped up in wrapping paper and we did makeovers for all the girls and took their pictures and put them in their party bags filled with other glamor accessories. It was a lot of fun but I am glad it is over.

The next day was her birthday and she got to get baptized on her birthday which is pretty cool!
This is a picture of Emma, Mike & I, my mom and dad (Rexanne & Karl) and Mike's parents (Dave & Dea).

Last Wednesday I thought it was the start of our more relaxing summer. I had a good run with Schylar Robertson in the morning and then we went straight to the beach. We had a blast playing at the beach. When I got home I literally thought "Wow! This is what summer is supposed to be about." Thirty minutes later Emma accidentally hit Ben with a golf club. He was very brave considering all the blood. I took him to President Merrill's office to have him stitched up. Now he has seen a plastic surgeon 6 times in his life. He had 15 stitches put in and needless to say we now have a rule no one can stand near anyone who is swinging a golf club.

To end on a happy note... Mark started taking a few steps last night. He has walked later than my other children probably due to the fact I am not pushing for his extra freedom and that the children are happy to carry him where ever he needs to go.


emma jo said...

What a fun birthday party! And I can't believe she is baptized...I love it. And the stitches, that happened before or after she was baptized? Poor Ben, and look at your big baby boy walking!!!

Cindy said...

I CAN'T BELIEVE your Emma was baptized!! Hello -- are you really that old, Laurie!!?? ;o) And hello - MARK IS ALREADY WALKING!!?? What happened to him rolling and crawling and scaling the furniture?? Did I miss that?? Seems like it was just yesterday that he arrived!! Ohhh....our kiddos are growing up waayy wayy too fast!