Thursday, March 4, 2010

Christmas 2009

I know Christmas was two months ago but I need to make a post about it so I can order a copy of my 2009 blog book for posterity.

I took on my first sewing project ever! I made the children matching pajama pants. They actually like them and have even been seen wearing them past the obligatory Christmas eve and morning pictures. This is at Grammy's house on Christmas Eve.

Abby got a reading chair for her room along with new curtains and throw pillows. I cut out some circles with my cricut machine and we put them above her bed.

Ben got an air-soft gun that lasted all of two hours. Mike told him he would take it away if Ben shot (on purpose or accident) his sisters or his brother. Within two hours of that threat Emma came running in the house crying that Ben had shot her. I asked Ben if it was an accident he said, "No, Emma wanted to get more pellets and I kept telling her no and she was ignoring me so I shot her". It has been on a top shelf in the garage ever since. Mike said Ben might get it back next year for Christmas. Ben also got a digital camera. So he "shoots" stuff with that.

Emma got a Hermione costume and a digital camera. I finally finished her reading canopy and put it up in her room with some over-sized pillows for a present too. I like the canopies in pottery barn but they are $100 so when I saw this cool way to make them in the Family Fun magazine I thought there we go. She loves to move the butterflies around to open different sections.

Even though we got Mark some new toys he still likes to play with stuff he finds around the house. This is Mark exhausted at Grammy's house on Christmas eve.

Here is Mark with his real toys.


Dan and Laura said...

I found your blog through my sister Emily's. You are SO crafty! Way to go! Um- Is Mark playing with a toilet paper tube? :)

Emma Jo said...

I seriously love your kids so much...the comfy reading chair, the awesome canopy, the logic behind shooting his sister and the toilet paper roll, and the pj's, you are amazing and this is a very long run on sentence.

kkerr said...

Cute, cute PJ's and awesome Christmas presents. You are so crafty. Anna saw that canopy in PBK and wants it. I never thought about making one.

Sara said...

Mark is so creative. :) Simple things make the best toys. I love how you made the reading canopy. Very clever, girl. I'll have to check out the tutorial.

Brett and Amy said...

See Laurie, you do have a crafty side. Awesome job on pj's, canopy, vinyl circles... My 6 yr olds still play with toilet paper rolls (or loo roll as Cohen's British teacher says). I wish Mark many happy years of loo roll microphones, binoculars, lego people houses, gadget holders on spy belt, etc.