Monday, September 24, 2007

I Am Grateful For.....What Did You Mean By That?

Why is it sometimes that the best intentions seem to be construed as offensive?

Abby came up with the idea last night to say five things we are grateful for every morning at breakfast. I thought it was a great idea since some mornings the children are not too happy with each other!

This morning Abby started the tradition. She listed four things and the last one she said, "...and I am most grateful for my family." Ben heard, "I am mostly grateful for some of my family." "Well, who are you NOT grateful for? Is it me? Are you not grateful for ME?" I had to quickly explain what she said before I had WW III on my hands.

Little Emma decided she was next and I could not help but smile when she said restaurants and stores were two of her items she was grateful for. I had created a monster last year. She would come home from 1/2 day kindergarten at 11am and we would go out to run errands and while we were out we would have lunch. It got to the point where she was telling me which of my friends I should call to see if they wanted to have lunch with us.

Afterwards I thought about how some adults are quick to find offense when none was intended. I was one of those last week when Mike tried to offer me some parenting advice. I instantly got offended that how could he offer me advice when I spend way more hours parenting than he does. I know he meant it to try to help and I took it the wrong way. So the lesson for the day for me is to not take offense when none is intended.


Suebee said...

Thanks for the laugh. At least no one can say that a mother's job is boring.

emma jo said...

What are you trying to say? Do we get offended too easily? What, am I supposed to change?
You are funny and I am so glad to be reading your blog. Our favorite teasing right now? Abby growls at Mia like a dog until Mia's great fun.