Monday, December 17, 2007

Early Christmas Present

I have fun news! I got an iphone for Christmas. My old phone was so old that it could not be charged with the wall oulet and the car charger cord was so messed up that I had to hold the cord in place to get it to charge. Maybe that is why I have been getting honked at so much. My one handed driving might have been a little too much for some people :)

You can not believe all the awesome features this thing has. They are HUGE to me since my cell phone was made in 1956. I am having so much fun playing with it. Maybe I'll actually use it and call someone.


Cindylou said...

Ooooh! How fun! Call ME! Call ME! Those things do look really nice! Paul would love one!! But, his phone isn't on it's death bed quite like your old phone was. :o) Have fun with it!

Dea said...

Hi there.....hey it's not Christmas yet!!!! How come you got your Christmas present already.

You want to hear something funny....Lindsey bought Ben a GPS system for Christmas and Ben bought Lindsey one. They both did it on the sly but I guess they'll take one of them back.

Dave bought me a new big screen a minute you know Dave...he doesn't believe in presents....I bought it myself and told him it was from him.

Sure do enjoy your blogg

Love Ya

emma jo said...

OK, I'm enjoying your family's comments as much as your guys are funny. You could probably spend the next month playing with and figuring out your newfangled toy. Clark will be mucho jealous. (Give me a good ring!)