Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Way Too Much Fun!

We had a very fun December. My children are still so sweet and innocent. They asked for the cutest things from Santa.

Abby asked for "101 Things to Make with Cake Mix", a book on how to grow flowers, artwork and some cherry coke. Santa surprised her with a digital camera. She has loved taking all kinds of pictures at all kind of angles. She is quite the artist.

Ben asked for a battery powered toothbrush and a down pillow.

Emma asked for the High School Musical 2 Barbies.

My nephew Ryan was born on December 28th. He is Jenny and David's first child. They are so excited and cute.

We had a New Year's Eve Party at our house with my family. We took a cute picture of Emma and Emily (her 6 year old cousin) with their two front teeth missing.


Cindylou said...

YAY! A post!! Looks like you guys had a fun Christmas! And congratulations to Jenny and her hubby! What a gorgeous baby boy! I love the picture of little Emma and Emily! Gotta love those missing teeth! I guess Santa didn't bring them their 'two front teeth.' :o)

emma jo said...

Your kids are adorable...and so easy to please...down pillows? Gotta love that! What a fun holiday!!