Wednesday, March 5, 2008

52 Blessings - Week 8

This week I am grateful that I do not have to paint my new 4100 square foot house from top to bottom. I had the fun part and picked the paint colors and we are paying to have the house painted. My brother Michael and his company are painting it for us. It would have taken us forever and they are doing a way better job than we would have.

This is Emma's room after paint. It is a little pink :)

This is Abby's room before paint.

This is the library before paint and the bookcases get installed. They are being made this week!

This is the family room before paint - looking in from the foyer.

This is the family room looking from the fireplace. This is the wall that we are making larger. (when I say we - I mean my brother-in-law David :)

This is the master before paint.

This is the kitchen before paint.

This is the office after paint. Doesn't the color look great with the old carpet :) Mike can not believe I picked this green color. I love it! He says that is definitely my room.

This is Ben's room after paint.

This is the foyer half done.

This is the dining room before paint.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I LOVE your green office! Thats going to be so fun!

Brett & Amy said...

I love the before and afters. You'll have to take more pics, once your all moved in.

Cindylou said...

Your new mansion looks gorgeous and verrry big!! Hooray for not having to paint! :o)

bigskygirl said...

That green office is definitely you! I like it...very cheerful!

emma jo said...

So why am I so behind on posting comments?
I love all the paint and I love that you are having someone else do it!! (and where did you get that fabulous carpet?)