Thursday, June 5, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

My dad had a great idea to try and get everybody together in the mountains of the western part of Virginia for Memorial Day weekend. We went a day early on Friday afternoon and spent the night in Charlottesville. Abby wanted to see UVA, she has heard so much about it. UVA is one of her top three schools she wants to go to when she is older. Mike and I wanted to show the children Monticello. I have to admit I wanted to see it again as well. The last time I had seen it was with Mike as one of our earliest dates when we had first started dating.

This is a picture of Abby & Ben on Saturday morning in front of the rotunda at UVA, Emma & I are still asleep at the hotel.

Charlottesville is such a beautiful little town nestled in the mountains (hills to ya'll western people). It is a very preppy little town. For example all the students and alumni wear shirts and ties and dresses to all the football games. While we were walking around the little down town area all the students (which were not very many since it is their summer semester) were wearing polos and cute little sun dresses for their night out on the town.

Monticello has not changed very much. It is still as beautiful as I remember. The children seemed to enjoy some of the neat inventions Thomas Jefferson expanded upon at his home. They all wanted a replica of the Declaration of Independence that was rolled up on parchment paper.

It was really nice to get a way for the weekend. I feel like we have been kind of ignoring the children as we have been getting our new home together. It was so nice to spend some relaxing time with them and Mike.

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