Friday, June 6, 2008

Ode To My Ben

This blog is dedicated to my Benjamin, one of the coolest boys I know. He is always happy and in a good mood - he got that from Mike. He is sweet and always ready to give and receive love - he got that from me. He loves little babies and little children. Whenever we are out and about he will be the first one to strike up a conversation or start playing with a little baby. It will be very sweet to see him with his baby brother.

Here are a few of his school papers. He is such a riot. Yes, he does love to climb and he has been climbing since he was very young, on bookcases, cabinets, shelves anything he could find that he could reach or pull a chair up to. One time I put our block of knives on top of the refrigerator and he climbed on a chair then the counter then tried to reach the knives on top of the fridge. The second letter is a persuasive letter to his teacher trying to convince her not to give him homework during their state-wide testing week. I love the part about not wanting to miss out on family fun and how scouting and baseball add so much stress to his life.

Our family is definitely blessed by having such a sweet and caring little boy. Granted he is the wildest of our children but the girls have pointed out that he may be the wildest in our family but he is the only one that has not broken a bone yet.

I love you Ben!

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bigskygirl said...

Glad to hear your "wild child" will have a fellow carrier of the XY chromosome to pass on all his secrets of mischief.