Thursday, July 3, 2008

3 Casts In One Summer

My baby girl is going to have to have three casts this summer. Girls' Camp was last week (yes, I survived) well the week before (June 17th) my baby had to have surgery. I took her in for her weekly check up to get x-rayed and see if it had moved anymore in the wrong direction in her water-proof, 1/2 cast. It had moved from 20 degrees off to 40 degrees off where it should be. The doctor asked me if she had eaten anything since breakfast I told him no, we were about to go out to lunch. He said don't let her eat anything. I want to do surgery on her tonight at the children's hospital. He needed to put her under and re-break her wrist and fit it with a full arm cast that is not water proof. He told me he might have to put a pin in it. Good thing I had camp under control or I would have been even more of a nervous wreck.

With her little hospital gown done up in the back, I cried when the nurse took her hand and led her down the hall to go in to the operating room. I cried when they brought Mike & I into the recovery room as she was waking up. He told me I should be strong for Emma. I told him to hush up. I told him I cried when I saw him in recovery and he did not even remember it. I am a mom, if it is one thing I am entitled to is being able to cry if I see one of my babies in a hospital bed. She did great and did not have to have a pin put in.

Needless to say she had her dance recital on June 21, four days later with a full cast on her arm. She did an excellent job. I was kind of concerned that she gets shy and nervous sometimes but that was for naught. Her "Drama Queen" personality took over and she faced the audience with a huge a smile and really put on a show.

She will have to get another 1/2 cast put on in two weeks before we go to Utah. At least it can be water-proof.


cindylou said...

Oh my goodness!! Poor Emma! (And poor you for having to see her in a hospital bed! I would have cried too, and told Mike to hush up!!) Hopefully this will take care of that arm of hers, and she'll be on her road to healing! guys are going to Utah?? Fill me in! Are you going to Education Week? Have fun!! We never did take a girls trip this summer. :o( Maybe one day...

Brett & Amy said...

Poor Emma! Surgery, plus a non-waterproof cast during the summer? I couldn't take seeing one of my kids in a hospital bed. Luckily I haven't had to even deal with a seriously bleeding boo-boo. Knock on wood.