Thursday, July 10, 2008

Laurie, Laurie, Quite Contrary How Does Your Garden Grow?

With the help of a wonderful friend named Lisa Bunnell.

I got estimates from landscapers to do some yard work around our house. The flower bed was included in their price of $4000.00. I was sorely tempted to pay for it because I hate bending over with a big belly. Lisa said she loves to pull weeds (she feels it is therapautic) and said she would help me. She helped me do a lot. Here are some before pictures and some in between and after pictures. This is after 22 huge yard bags of just the front flower bed.


Brett & Amy said...

It's so lush and beautiful. It's great there are Lisa's in the world. Maybe she's looking for a weekend trip over here. I've got gloves! Good job guys!

emma jo said...

It looks beautiful and amazing!! There is nothing quite so satisfying as a new tended garden...until the next week when you have to pull weeds again. It looks great...send Lisa this way.

Cindy said...

Wow -- you did an AMAZING job! I'd be embarrassed for you to see my piddly little flower garden! Can you come on out here now and do something to help it out??! I LOVE it, Laurie! It's gorgeous!!