Monday, December 14, 2009

Abby is 12!

Abby is a great gift to our family. She is always willing to help and even volunteers to help do things. She is also extremely creative. She makes the cutest games for Ben & Emma to play. She made them a whole packet of original games to play during General Conference. I think I am going to submit one of the really cute games to The Friend magazine. Her creativity goes to crafts as well. She makes the most darling cards and gifts. She is always making us encouarging cards.

Abby has a very sweet spirit. I find her up in her room reading her scriptures or her personal progress books. I could not ask for a better big sister and role model for her younger siblings. We are extremely blessed to have her in our family.


Emma Jo said...

I love the picture, what a beautiful girl! And speaking of being in disbelief at how old they are, how did she get to be 12? So so lovely.

Cindy said...

WOW -- she's TWELVE!!?? She's a little Laurie in the making! I remember being ticked at you sometimes, because I'd want to go play at the beach or in the woods, and you'd be in your room reading your scriptures instead!! Grr!! But what an example that was to me -- and to Abby now, I'm sure! You're a FABULOUS mom, Laurie, and have the darn cutest kids!! I'm sure they're just as amazing as you are!! Wish we were closer so I could see them more often! The last time I saw Abby, she was a baby! She's gorgeous -- just like her mama!

Sara said...

HeeHee! Cindy's comment makes me laugh. That's how I remember you too. Actually it seems Cindy's nose was always in a book too. Abby looks just like you when you moved from Jax. Gorgeous just like her Mom. It's a little weird having a YW though, huh? Time flies.