Sunday, December 13, 2009


I thought I should post before the end of the year!

By the way, here is a picture of Abby, Ben & Emma on their first day of school. It was raining that day so this is the first picture I have ever had to take inside on the first day of school in 8 years.

Abby turned 12 in October and Mark had his first Halloween (technically his second).

Abby's birthday was really fun. She got to have a friend birthday party this year. She planned inside and outside games. It rained that day so we had to do the games inside. She wanted cheesecake again for her cake and I got a recipe for stabilized whip cream so it would hold it's shape for days, from a friend (thanks Krisanne). We even used the left over whip cream to squirt on top of their strawberry drinks to go along with their pizza. I got her a basket of "big girl" stuff a couple of days before on her real birthday. She got razors, shaving cream, lip gloss, mascara, and some more chlorine shampoo and conditioner for swim team.

She also got her traditional birthday gift of assorted hot chocolate and a box of 80 creamers.

Here she is the morning of her birthday with Ben.

She was a really sweet big sister and let her little brother and sister hang out with her and her friends.

Here are Mark and Mike at the Church's "Trunk-or-Treat".

He's a monkey (I'm talking about Mark not Mike).

Here are the children on the night of Halloween. I could not find my camera so I had to use my iphone. Sorry for the bad lighting. Emma is a table, Ben is a robber, Mark is a monkey and Abby is a black-eyed "p" (with the help of makeup - not anyone's fist).

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Emma Jo said...

Your house is a party, isn't it? Too cute.