Friday, January 18, 2008

My Evil Plan

I am so tired of my children not only not cleaning on Saturdays before 4pm, but I am tired of them making huge messes until that time too. So, I have come up with a PLAN!!!! I am sure this will go down in history as mom being the meanest person on earth to make them work on Saturday before they play and watch TV. I have devised a Saturday morning chore chart. They will have to do this before playing outside, playing on the computer or watching TV. I will print off a new one every Friday night of the new things that need to be done. Here is what I did this morning:

Saturday Morning Chores

Everybody has to:

· Clean their room
· Pick up 4 buckets of gumballs

Pick Two

· Wipe baseboards in kitchen
· Wipe baseboards in family room & hallway
· Dust family room (tables, bookcases & piano)
· Windex kitchen (oven, microwave & windows)
· Windex wipes all pictures in house
· Wipe down inside of kitchen refrigerator

They have to write their names down by the two that they pick. I will post a new chore chart on the kitchen wall every Friday night. When they get to be teenagers and actually sleep in past 7am this will be a good incentive to get them to get up and not get the very last two "BAD" chores.

We will see how this goes tomorrow. I will post and let you guys know.


cindylou said...

Sounds like an awesome idea! You are always so full of good ideas -- I love it! Let me know how it goes -- we may just have to start something like this in my house! Hello - I can't even get my kids to pick up their OWN clothes off the floor. I've been told to get out the trashbag and just threaten them that I'll throw them away. But...that seems to mean nothing to them, (except that they don't have to pick them up)! Grr!!

Brett & Amy said...

Way to put your foot down! You do the test run and I'll follow. Don't worry about being the meanest mom ever, we did the same thing growing up and I don't hold anything against my parents. If anything, I'm proud I learned the value of work.