Wednesday, February 13, 2008

52 Blessings - Week 3

It is time to play catch up. I have had so many blessings I have not had time to write them all down. I know, I know woe is me.

I will go in chronological order to appease my type A mind-set.
For week 3 I am thankful for my Roomba. He is affectionately called Robby by one and all in our home. I was a bit skeptical when my Nana said she loved her Roomba and that he did a great job. I bought him 15 months ago intending on bringing him back if he did not meet my expectations. I love him. I have the children get their rooms "Robby Ready"in the morning before they leave for school and I put the chairs up on the kitchen table before I leave to go to the Y in the morning and when I come home my whole house has been vacuumed. Every time I go to empty his canister it is full of dust, dirt and lint that I did not have to actually clean. I have done so many things while I have been "vacuuming". It feels good to get it done when I hate doing it in the first place.
Thanks Robbie!

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