Wednesday, February 13, 2008

52 Blessings - Week 5

I am grateful this week for a husband that provides so well for our family that we could take an impromptu trip with some of his family to Disney World. We had so much fun being in the warm weather and being with some of Mike's family. Here are a few pictures of our trip.

Mike thought I was crazy to buy the children ice cream before the fireworks one night, but they had so much fun!

This is the children walking towards the "Tree of Life". Do you think they will still hold hands when they are teenagers?

This is Emma afraid before her first ride on Pirates of the Caribbean.

This is Ben (in the red shirt) getting drenched at Universal Studios.

Dave & Dea had fun "scooting" all over Disney World.
Here is a cute video of Emma's first experience in "It's a Small World".

Here is a video of Abby and Ben being included in "The Lion King" show.


Anonymous said...

I love that video of Emma..She is so cute! You can tell they really had a great time.


emma jo said...

I really don't think that your kids could be any sweeter. Good job parents.

cindylou said...

Your kids are so cute, Laurie! I've only ever met Abby. One day...our kids will meet. :o) It looks like they all had SOO much fun in Disneyworld!!