Thursday, April 10, 2008

Moving - I don't want to do it again!

Here are a few pictures of what we have done so far. There is not one room that is completely finished yet, but they are getting there.

Here is the foyer. I could not find a big black light that I liked anywhere - not even in catalogues. So we sprayed this old one black and put new glass bulb covers on. I like it much better than the 80's look we had before.

This is the FROG and it's new furniture.

Here is the opening to the family room that was made bigger. This is looking into the foyer.

The library does not have overhead lighting yet, so yes the little lamp is going.

I have a really pretty fabric that matches the dining room curtains that I need to hem and use as a runner.

Check out the awesome rack Mike built for me for my gift wrapping section of my office. I LOVE it!!!!

This last picture is of my three children all taking a nap. I was really tired one day and I said to them, "Hey guys, I am really tired and I need to take a nap. Do you guys want to come take a nap with me on my bed." I slept for about 30 minutes - pretty good considering there were four of us on the bed. The children slept for 3 hours. I had Mike wake them up when he got home at six just so they would go to bed that night. Can you believe that? All of them have not taken naps since they were two. I think moving tires everyone out!


cindylou said...

Your house is GORGEOUS, Laurie! I love everything you have done to it! I wish I were closer so that I could come see it in person! That wrapping paper/ribbon rack Mike made is AWESOME, your library shelves are gorgeous, the paint on all of the walls is beautiful, and ALL three kids sleeping in your bed is the best thing by far! Wow! How did you get so lucky!! :o)

emma jo said...

What taste! What style!! I love it and want to see it first hand. I am so excited for the decorating and setting up of your new house. So lovely!!! Good job for posting.

Brett & Amy said...

I love all the pics, keep em coming! I have to say, you know how to buy a new house. Not just four walls but all the furniture to fill it too. Nice job!

We are JB! said...

I cannot WAIT to come and visit! Yay! Tell Emma, Ben, and Abby that I want them to share that bed with me and Eva too.

I am so excited for you guys! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

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bigskygirl said...

Your house looks great in spite of your "not finished" claim. And I too love the bed crashers. Sleeping children are the sweetest children!

enginerd said...

Wow, it all looks great! Got room for us?????