Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Quick - Take the Scissors Away From Me!

Here are a couple of pictures of the dining room. I think it is finished.

We had a fun surprise a couple of weeks ago. I opened my front door and saw a bird had built a nest on my wreath. I thought I need to move that before she lays an egg in there. The very next day there was an egg in there, and the day after another egg, and the day after... you get the point until there were five eggs in the nest. A couple of days ago they hatched and I love to look at them. We never use the front door, so every time I open the door the momma bird flies away. Mike says to quit looking at them or soon I will be looking at cute, dead baby birds because the momma will not come back.

I wanted to trim Emma's hair last night a couple of inches...well 6 inches later here she is. She likes it so thank goodness.


bigskygirl said...

Emma looks so grown up! I like her cute "do". Your dining room looks great too. 8 chairs? Does that mean there will be even more Millers on the way?

Brett & Amy said...

I love Emma's hair, she looks so old now. Those baby birds are so cute, I've never seen any so fresh. And keep the pics coming of your finished rooms, I love it!

Mary said...

Hi Laurie! Congratulations on #4! Your kids and your house look great! What an exciting time for all of you! It's nice to have an update. Hope you are well! Mary Thorley

emma jo said...

Cute hair and lovely dining room!! I wish I was there to forget my life for a few hours and "do lunch". I hope you feeling great!

cindylou said...

I LOVE your dining room! It looks so "grown-up!" And Emma's hair cut is soo cute! You did a great job, girl!

Hope your little bambino is doing good and that you're feeling fabulous!!