Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Soooooo Much To Say!!!!

I have finally got the Internet connected to our new house and I feel like I am connected to the world again. I was not going to post again today because I have so many things to do but I saw my good friend Emily post about having her baby on Saturday night (Congratulations Em!) that I figured I really do not have an excuse, if she can find time to do it with a three day old, I can do it with all my children at school and when the house is totally quiet.

BIG NEWS ALERT!!! I am three months pregnant - on purpose! Some of you may be thinking there is no way Laurie Miller is pregnant or that she got pregnant on purpose. Well it started last June, I was happily minding my own business walking into Target on a bright sunny day. I had just finished working out - training for my first triathlon and then I saw it. You may ask what in the world did you see that would make you start to doubt everything you have been feeling and thinking for the past six years. I saw a mom take a baby out of a stroller and kiss him before she put him in his car seat. That was the beginning of six long months of fighting every urge and prompting. I went to the temple every month . I fasted and prayed every month but still did not get the answer to my prayers - I am done and I don't want or need anymore. It was not until I changed the way I was asking did I get my answer. My father-in-law kept telling me to stop waiting for a letter to arrive in the mail.

It took less than a month to get the results. I have attached a video of us telling the children. It looks like Abby is not that excited but I think she is shocked. She was the one that was always telling me to have more children and she wanted a little baby. All the children are very excited about having a little baby sister or brother.

In the meanwhile I am living it up as much as I can. I am helping Lisa Bunnell train for her first triathlon and I am going out to lunch as much as possible. I told Mike I am living it up now because I will not be able to in October. He said you are not dying you are having a baby. I told him but my social life will die.

Other good news - we have a full price contract on our old house after one month on the market. I thought for sure we would be paying two mortgages into the summer. We feel really lucky and blessed. They want to close the end of this month so I hope everything goes smoothly.


cindylou said...

What a cute video! And what a fun idea! I wish I had done the same with my kids when we told them! I'm soo happy for you guys, and am thrilled that you haven't been sick! YAY!!

So, you should fly out here for a girls weekend before October since we're BOTH going to be losing our social lives! :o) Wouldn't that be fun!?

emma jo said...

I don't think I could smile any bigger. That has to be the cutest thing ever. Man, I love your kids. And you and Mike are pretty cool too. We are so happy!

Anonymous said...

Aww!! That is too cute!! I'm hoping a boy so Ryan can have a friend:)

Brett & Amy said...

That is such awesome news. Man, you don't post for a month and then you're back with a bang! I love Emma's reaction! This is almost worth moving back for. I am soo happy for you guys.

bigskygirl said...

I think that I am about as shocked as your kids! Congrats!