Friday, August 1, 2008

Yes, I Really Am Pregnant!

Here are two pictures to verify to all of you who do not believe I really am pregnant!

The first one was taken on my birthday when I am 7 months pregnant.

The second one is of a 3-D image I had done at an imaging place with a DVD. Can you believe he already has chubby cheeks? He still has a couple more months of growing. I think he is going to come out looking like a squirrel gathering his nuts for the winter in his cheeks. He already has a lot of Ben's features so we will see:)


Cindy said...

You look great, Laurie! You hardly look pregnant! And look at that little cutie you've got growing in the oven! Isn't technology amazing these days!!?? I'm soo excited for you! I can't believe you're already 7 months - seems like you just told me you were pregnant! And it seems like I've been pregnant FOREVER! How did YOUR pregnancy pass so quickly while mine has been dragging on for FOREVER??

emma jo said...

Thanks for sharing...I was really beginning to wonder! And you do look amazing for 7 months prego not to mention that you suddenly look like you are 20. So cute, so fun...can't wait!!
Need name suggestions? I submit Clarky Pants or Joe Bob.

bigskygirl said...

What a great picture of your little one! He does look like Ben. And I concur, you look does your garden, by the way.

enginerd said...

Lookin good, Laurie. And I am talking about you in the pink, not the inside of your uterus.