Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Utah Trip - July 2008

Here are a few pictures of when we went out to Utah this summer.
The first one is of Mike's family at his Grandmother and Grandfather's grave site. We drove to Price,Utah to see where Mike's dad (Dave) grew up. It was a very interesting trip. It is amazing how much life can change in just one generation. Price is a very small coal mining town. He told us stories of when he was just a little boy and how he would go and explore the canyons behind his house, or climb huge rock formations and dangle his feet over the edge. We will never experience some of the things he did growing up and Mike is just one generation away.

The next pictures were taken for a family portrait. I have not gotten a copy of Mike's entire family yet, but when I do I will post it. Abby had the most horrible accidents while she was out in Utah. Right before the pictures were taken she was stung 6 times by hornets, she walked right by a nest. The brave girl did not even cry and was ready to take pictures within a couple of minutes after it happened. Ben and Emma had walked by that exact same spot just a couple of minutes before. If either one of them had been stung we could have said, "Goodbye, to taking pictures."

That night Abby dropped a sparkler on her toe and burned it. The very next day we went on a tour of BYU in Provo and she opened a door on her flip flop clad foot and ripped her big TOE NAIL OFF!!! While I was trying to stop the blood with whatever I had in my purse, she was sitting there still not crying saying she would rather be stung 20 times than have her nail ripped off. I am happy to report the nail has grown to half way up her nail bed. Poor thing - I don't know if I will ever be able to get her back out to Utah!


penny stock investments said...
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bigskygirl said...

Are those really your kids? Dang! They look so grown up. Ben has really put on some inches. Great pictures!

Brett & Amy said...

What a gorgeous family! I know they say pregnant women glow, and I personally have never experienced it. You on the other hand look just beautiful...glowing even. Those are great pictures, though last years photographer was quite SPECTACULAR too! Guess you can't go wrong with such cute kids. Way to go Abby! My kids cry at a hangnail.

Cindy said...

Laurie, you guys look great! Your kids are GORGEOUS!! They all look so grown-up and just beautiful! Seriously! And you and Mike look so happy and just as great!