Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Had Forgotten.....

I had forgotten how time consuming a newborn can be. This blog has taken two weeks and 13 attempts to try to post. Every time I even tried to download my pictures to the computer he would start to fuss that he wanted to eat or be changed.

It has been a totally different experience this time - being older and having older children. I am enjoying the small things a lot more now.

Things I had forgotten:
  1. Lack of sleep, but I love being able to go to sleep when the children get on the bus in the morning.
  2. The joy of nursing - my favorite time is dawn
  3. How fast they grow out of their newborn clothes
  4. When they first smile at you - even though the experts say it is just reflexes - it is still a smile
  5. Watching older siblings interact with the new baby
  6. How many diapers they go through
  7. How attached you become to them in such a short time

Mark 1 week old.

I LOVE little, baby feet!

The only time he cried in the first two weeks was during bath time. He hated baths. This is the frown he got from Mike. Sometimes when Mike is thinking he will wrinkle his eyebrows together like this.

This is Mark at 3 weeks.


Cindy said...

I love it that we've had babies so close to each other! I just wish we lived closer so that our little boys could be buddies!! He's a cutie, Laurie!!

emma jo said...

I really need to hold your darling baby boy and look at him some more and comprehend that there is another Miller that we don't know. What a cutie.

Brett & Amy said...

Man, we missed him by days! He is so cute!

Anonymous said...

He is so cute! I love little feet too.