Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mark 1 Month Old

Here is a picture of Mark frowning and wrinkling his eyebrows with Mike on his birthday - one month!

Here is a picture of Mark in his first pair of jeans! Don't you love Baby Gap?

I know - I know, I need to put him on skim breast milk.


emma jo said...

Oh those cheeks!! And what a darling onesie that boy has on, where can I spend A LOT of money to buy one? You make cute kids.

Cindy said...

Check out that hair!! He's got lots! What a chunker! He's soo darn cute, Laurie! I know...I know, I've got my own to hold right now, but I wish I was closer so that I could come hold him and give him lots 'o kisses, too!