Thursday, October 4, 2007

I am a mom...HELP!!!

This morning was a little bit more fun than normal. Emma took Ben's reading book to his soccer game last night. As she was getting out of the car with it I said, "Emma, you can not take that to the field, leave it in the car." She then put it on the seat in the car. Fast forward to this morning...Ben can not find his reading book anywhere. I hurried them out to the bus stop and asked my neighbor if she could watch them while I went and looked in the house for his book. Emma said she had brought it in last night from the car, but she could not remember where she put it.

I looked all over the house - under couches, under tables, on bookcases. I could not find it anywhere. I went out to the car to make sure she took it out last night - still no book. I went down to the bus stop to ask Ben if he was sure he did not have it in his back pack. I went back in to the house to search again. I looked under covers, under beds - I did find an opened, industrial sized bag of Life cereal under Abby's bed. I am glad we do not have ants. I guess that is one thing to be grateful for.

I looked in Ben's room and there on the floor was his science notebook, so I took that out to the bus stop. I asked to look in his backpack while I was putting his notebook in to make sure his reading book was not in there as well. The bus was pulling up to the spot and I had a thought..."Emma, let me look in your backpack." "No, mommy the bus is here. I have to get on."

"Emma, just let me look real quick." Sure enough there in her backpack was Ben's reading book. She was so happy to have "found" it. She proudly carried it up the stairs of the bus to Ben who had already boarded. His book is twice the size of her reading book. Didn't she feel the extra weight?

All of this took place in five minutes. I told Mike I was not going to work out today because I just had my workout for the day.


The Reed Family said...

Oh my goodness -- your day sounds like my everyday! The joys of being a mom! Don't you love it!? I'm glad you (Emma) found that reading book! :o)

emma jo said...

Isn't there great satisfaction in knowing where to look? I love knowing where things are and knowing exactly where to find the missing objects, eventually. And I love that you found a bag of cereal under her bed...those little discoveries are so entertaining and enlightening into the minds of our weird kids.