Wednesday, October 10, 2007

PTA = Pressure Tension Anxiety

I am really glad this weekend is over. I know I do it to myself but....nobody else was stepping up so I said I would do it. I really like the way our school system divides up the elementary schools. They have Primary schools for K-2 then Intermediate schools for grades 3-5. This way big fifth graders are not corrupting my little kindergartner on the bus. Since the schools are divided up this way there are two PTAs and I feel obligated to help in both.

Nobody was volunteering to be chairman over membership so I said I would do it. That entails a huge back to school picnic where people pay for a ticket and the price of membership is included. I was in charge of feeding and entertaining 800 people on Friday. Thank goodness we got 100% membership through this event and I do not have to do anything else the rest of the year.

On Saturday Ben had a soccer game at 12 and then Abby had a swim meet at 1:30. They did great. They both love what they are doing. Emma is loving ballet. I am really glad her lessons are only one day a week and they are in the afternoon. She will have one big recital in June. Last year she did soccer as well. That added more practises at night and more games on Saturdays. I am glad I am not doing that again. Sometimes I get frazzled with all the places I need to be, but then I think how grateful I am that I have strong, healthy children who are able to play sports. I am starting to cry even as I am writing this. I am truly blessed.


Suebee said...

I am glad to know what PTA really stands for. It makes so much more sense now. It is nice to know that I'm not the only mom like this in the world.

emma jo said...

You are funny. I love that instead of feeling crazy about being so busy, you cry because your kids are healthy...thanks for the perspective but I still think you are a tad a very admirable sort of way.