Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to School!

I can not believe the first day of school is today. I am usually more than ready for the children to go back. The past couple of summers have passed by so fast. This summer was crammed packed and I did not even mean it to be.

The 1st week - Ben had Baseball Camp
The 2nd week - I had Girl's Camp
The 3rd & 4th week - Ben had swim lessons (Emma was signed up, but she had a broken arm)
The 4th & 5th week - Abby had a Writing Camp
The 6th week - We went to Utah
The 7th week - Ben & Emma had "Nature Camp"
The 8th week - Abby had a Red Cross First - Aid Babysitting Camp
The 9th & 10th week - Ben & Emma had swim lessons
The 11th week - I did not plan anything but pool and beach time.

I cry every year on the first day of school I don't know why. At least this year I can blame it on the pregnancy and say it is just hormones. This year I told Mike that I love my new house but at our old house I have pictures of the children on the fist day of school in front of our windows all the way from the time when Abby had her first day of preschool. I can see how they have grown every year by where their head met different parts of the house. I guess I will have to start a new measuring technique with this house.


Brett & Amy said...

Sheesh, what a busy summer! I can't believe how old the kids look, Especially Abby. Yes, as nice as it is to have a little more space, the home where you first bring your babies into, or celebrate those first milestones and Christmas' will always be so special. Time to fill your new house up with warm memories!

emma jo said...

Busy is right...you are just plain nuts. I still can't get over how old they all look...and I love their gleaming new shoes. So cute...now have your baby!!

Cindy said...

You're one busy momma!! Sounds like you've had a crazy-fun summer! I couldn't keep up with you if I tried!